Empowering Confidence

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Lisa’s Special Oaccasion Makeover

I was recently grateful to have the opportunity to do Lisa’s hair and makeup, after her fiance decided to gift her a ‘Glitz by Kylie’ special occasion appointment.

Lisa was extremely surprised and excited when I arrived at her home. Lisa shared with me that she is Celiac. She also showed me her inflammed skin, unsure as to why this was happening. I really felt for Lisa as she explained that she was taking paticular care about what she is eating.

Developing Awareness of Gluten Free Skincare

I asked Lisa about what she uses in her skincare routine, on her face and body and what type of hair dye she uses. Lisa was unaware that what she puts onto her skin, becomes absorbed into her blood stream within 28 seconds. Lisa was extremely grateful to gain this knowledge and decided to try gluten free and botanically inspired makeup. A week later Lisa let me know that her skin was feeling more smooth, calm and moisturised, rather than red and inflammed.

Wedding Bells!

This has been such a valuable experience for Lisa. I am pleased to say she has now decided to book me for her 2019 Wedding!

Thank you Lisa! I am feeling so grateful, to be part of empowering your confidence, inside and out! I look forward to working with you to create your dream bridal looks!

Kylie x

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