Honeymoon in the Tropics? Eloping to Sunny Places?

Honeymoon in the Tropics? Sunscrrem for your honeymoon Glitz by Kylie hair and makeup artist warkworth matakana coast

HONEYMOON in the tropics? Eloping to SUNNY places?

I’m on my way to Samoa and am super excited about the warm air, sun on my skin and swimming in tepid blue waters. I’m looking forward to tasting sweet, juicy, tropical pineapple and melons…
But there’s one thing about the sun I usually screw up my face about. Thinking about smothering my skin in slippery, slimy sunscreen really grosses me out!

The last time I woke up in a sunny tropical island was magical. Opening my eyes and feeling the warm sea breeze on my skin. Turning over in bed to see palm trees swaying through the window. I feel so relaxed and happy, knowing I have a day ahead of adventure and mystery. I’m looking forward to our boat tour around the shore line. Seeing spectacular colours of tropical fish through clear blue waters is such a buzz!

Honeymoon morning routine with Pollution Defence SPF

After my usual morning routine of using my premium anti-aging RE 9 cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser, my skin feels enriched. I become excited about my new Arbonne Pollution Defence CC Cream. It is not only silky smooth on my face, but it has antioxidant properties and a broad-spectrum SPF of 30! It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I no longer have to put greasy sunscreen on my face!

How quickly do we absorb products into our bloodstream?

When I recently discovered that we absorb into our bloodstream up to 60% of what we put onto our skin, this shocked me to the core! I had a serious health scare last year, so this really hit home. I thought about all the products I had tried over the years. All the supermarket sunscreens filled with chemicals which I had put straight into my body without realising the consequences!

This concerning piece of information really rang home to me. I’ve been making healthy choices about what goes into my mouth for years, but this truth about what goes on our skin has changed my awareness. Healthy from the inside out is what I now live and breathe. Most sunscreens have aging, cancer causing agents. There are so many pollutants in the air these days. Think of all the products you put onto your skin from the time you get up in the morning. Are they pure, safe and beneficial to your body, mind and soul?

Arbonne products are plant based and botanically inspired, not tested on animals, vegan certified, gluten free and kosha. This makes my heart sing! (Read more here about why I became an Arbonne Independent Consultant)

A breathable second skin

Our tour boat cruises along, cutting smoothly through tropical sparkling waters. I see we are approaching crystal white sands. Beach front market stalls are splayed out along the shore. I grab my sunhat and mini backpack in anticipation. I re-apply my Pollution Defence SPF 30 CC Cream, creating a ‘breathable “second skin”’. A light sense of freedom hits me as I know my skin is safe, my body is healthy, and my mind is filled with gratitude. An island paradise!

Kylie Cooper – Arbonne Independent Consultant


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