Mature Makeup Tips


Do you sometimes wake up, sleep walk into the bathroom, look in the mirror and just want to crawl back into bed again? It’s not a reality that you and I wake up each morning feeling fabulous and beautiful, outwardly and inwardly.

That’s one of the reasons I have started meditating each morning… To feel inner peace. However, LET’S BE REAL… It’s also nice to make time to pamper ourselves each morning before we venture out into our big busy world.

Are you WINGING it?

Have you been applying your makeup the same way since last century? Are you uncertain about whether your makeup application still compliments your features, as you approach your 40’s or 50’s?

Are you just winging it when applying your makeup? I’ve recently discovered life is all about winging it but it’s nice to have a few pointers along the way!!!

So if you feel like trying out some MAKEUP TIPS for the 21st Century, let’s time travel to NOW:

EYEBROWS can enhance your eyes and frame your face! Until I studied makeup artistry, I had no idea that our eyebrows punctuated our face! Fast forward and I am trying to grow my thin eye brows back! FULL Brows are BEAUTIFUL and if your brows have become thin in places like mine, you can create a full look with powder, brow pencils and brow gel. I love using these yummy, vegan brow products to create alignment and symmetry, filling in the missing areas:

Dark circles? Do you want to create a more even and brighter under eye look?
I am continuously amazed at the transformation concealer has to brighten around my eyes! After applying Foundation or Color Correcting Tinted Moisturiser, a warm toned concealer will counteract the cool tones of your dark shadows. Use the padded part of your fingers to blend out (or a small, soft makeup brush), brightening under your eyes and camouflaging those dark circles.

Your EYES are the WINDOWS to your SOUL… So let your natural beauty shine out! Use Eye Primer over your eye lids and upper eye area to ensure anything you put onto your eyes stays there. This also prevents build up in the eye lid folds. Always use matte eye shadows, to create a smoother appearance (as shimmery shadows tend to grab onto creases).

To BLUSH or not to BLUSH? Let’s re-vamp some ‘old’ techniques to create thoroughly new looks. These days, the lightest touch is all that is required when it comes to blush for a day time look. LIGHTLY blush, using a powder brush, skimming your cheeks to give a healthy glow. I prefer applying an extra touch to give a rosier look in the evening. 

We all love LUSCIOUS LIPS! The trick is to keep them moisturized morning and night. Every night before I get into bed I put on my moisturising lip balm – Not any old lip balm as many have nasty chemicals, wax and byproducts from petroleum. I absolutely adore my Senegence overnight Lip Balm – I find it incredibly enriching to my lips.

That said, enhance the line of your lips using lip liner (another little trick to ensure an even line, is to stretch out your lips with your fingers while applying). Add our Kiss Proof, Smudge Proof lipstick which will last all day and is perfect for kissing your special someone!

Most importantly, pamper yourself for yourself! Step outside and feel confident for who you are, inside and out!

More Mature Makeup Tips for the 21st Century to come… Watch this Space!!!

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