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Empowering Confidence

Makeup Artist Hair Stylist Matakana Warkworth Omaha Rodney Auckland Mobile HMUA

Lisa’s Special Oaccasion Makeover I was recently grateful to have the opportunity to do Lisa’s hair and makeup, after her fiance decided to gift her a ‘Glitz by Kylie’ special occasion appointment. Lisa was extremely surprised and excited when I arrived at her home. Lisa shared with me that she is Celiac. She also showed […]

Honeymoon in the Tropics? Eloping to Sunny Places?

Honeymoon in the Tropics? Sunscrrem for your honeymoon Glitz by Kylie hair and makeup artist warkworth matakana coast

HONEYMOON in the tropics? Eloping to SUNNY places? Looking for a PURE, SAFE & BENEFICIAL SPF? I’m on my way to Samoa and am super excited about the warm air, sun on my skin and swimming in tepid blue waters. I’m looking forward to tasting sweet, juicy, tropical pineapple and melons… But there’s one thing […]